Sujimori ~ ❤



Today I'll try to do a hair tutorial. So, I'm sorry because I don't wear gyaru makeup, but I always do my hair first then my make-up. If I try to do my hair with my lenses, it hurts so much !

I used a pink Elnett hairspray, irons from Herstyler and a heat protector from Goldwell. ❤

1. Put all you hair on a side. Then curl all your down hair.
2. Separate your hair in 2 parts. Tease a part of your hair, then spray and finally curl it.

3. Take a small lock of hair.
4. Tease it on the root and then spray.

5. Curl the end of your lock of hair.
6. Do it for a maximum of your hair !

7. When you arrive to your last line of locks, tease a lock, spray it and then straight it.
8. You should arrive to this result.

9 & 10. Don't forget to spray all your hair to fix it !
11. You can add decorations as flowers or feathers.

P.S : I didn't use gatsby or anything else because I have really thin hair. If you have thick hair, tease a lock of hair, put gatsby or got2be, and then curl / straight. /!\ Sweeties, be careful ! Never use hairspray and then an iron... Your hair will die.

This is my finished look. D.I.A pullover and belt ❤

And what's best to spend time with lovely friends ? ❤

I hope you understood my tutorial, don't hesitate to ask questions ❤

Enjoy ~ ❤
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